From Soul Crushing Work to Soul-driven Success is my FREE 5-Week Online Course revealing how to find your dream clients, create a program they long for, and sell it with confidence so you can finally have the business results you crave AND be true to yourself (no cookie cutter here).  

This course emerged out of a desire to help women like you have the financial freedom you've always desired.  

I know what works and what doesn’t on the path of the soul, and I’m all about MORE women showing up in business in a POWERFUL way that is CONGRUENT with their soul’s calling, making a huge impact that makes the world a better place AND creating wealth.  

I know that the work you do is a huge gift to your clients. Whether you are just starting out or want to improve sales in your business, this series will help you.  

You don’t need a web site, a big launch or a complicated and overwhelming marketing strategies.  

What’s different about the Soul-driven Sales System?  

This system helps you find and use your secret source of power and magnetism (“Shakthi”) to create a lucrative business in a pleasurable way. And, the only reason I know that is that I did it the other way, and it was like a soul death. I was successful, but I was miserable.  

Here’s what I’m sharing:  

  • How I’ve mastered the ability to navigate and even transcend soul crushing energies in work and life, in a way that amplifies my soul to such a high energy that it magnetizes my dream clients and life experiences and has them saying, “YES! YES! YES!” to their soul’s calling and creating success through following it.  
  • The EXACT steps to focus on to create soul-driven strategies which lead to true prosperity and deep happiness without overriding your soul.
  • How to create an offer so amazing that it makes you want to buy it yourself!  
  • The TRUTH about SOUL-DRIVEN SALES + WHY so many women entrepreneurs are unknowingly missing out on HOW ENJOYABLE sales can be which, in turn, compromises their ability to serve at their highest level.  

Here’s our curriculum for From Soul Crushing Work to Soul-driven Success  

Week 1 Wednesday, November 6th at 9am PT / 12 pm ET  

Say No to Soul-Crushing Influences and YES to Soul-Amplifiers for conscious coaches and entrepreneurs ready to infuse soul into all aspects of your life and work.  

  • Learn the secret key to knowing the voice of your true self as contrasted with the parts of you that seek approval and validation 
  • How to avoid soul-crushers and naysayers so they no longer are energy vampires of your dreams 
  • Discover the 3 key elements that must be present in soul-driven work; once you have these in place, your work will energize you AND your message will set you apart & become a magnet for your dream clients.  

Week 2 Wednesday, November 13th at 9am PT / 12 pm ET  

Soul-Infused Ways to Magnetize Clients & Grow your community, for conscious women leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to BE THE LIGHTHOUSE for the people who are yearning for that you offer because you are the answer to their prayers..  

  • Learn how to choose the marketing strategies that resonate deeply with you and to reject the ones that don’t! (no more overriding your own knowing to make money and grow your community)  
  • Discover what is unique about you and how to match it so well to what your dream clients need that paying your fees is a no-brainer and they do it happily
  • How to create a transformative talk or workshop so compelling that many participants sign up for a sales conversation with you
  • Exactly how to choose topics for your marketing that you’re super enthused about AND that resonate so deeply with your tribe that they know intuitively and sometimes immediately that you are the one they want to work with.  


Week 3 Wednesday, November 20th at 9am PT / 12 pm ET  

Money, Spirituality and Pleasure must go together for soul-driven women entrepreneurs and leaders who no longer want to split the personal and the professional and instead want to bring their whole selves to life and work  

  • Why splitting off parts of yourself or pushing them down is dangerous and how to bring your whole self to work and life  
  • Discover why spirituality, money and pleasure must not be split apart as some spiritual people will tell you and how doing so is actually dangerous and counter-productive.  
  • The divine relationship between money, spirituality and pleasure - once you discover this, all that you want in each of these areas will flow towards you with ease, grace and flow in unprecedented waves  


Week 4 Wednesday, December 4th at 9am PT / 12 pm ET  

Enjoy Sales & Make Money without feeling icky and gross so that instead of finding objections to signing up, your dream clients are looking for ways to create the money for your offer because it’s so congruent with their deepest desires.  

  • Find your dream clients and comfortably invite them to speak to you  
  • Create an enticing offer that you can’t wait to make, using the words that speak most powerfully to your niche  
  • Exactly what to say in soul-driven sales conversation so you don’t get confused and stumble at any point in the dialogue, even at the point when you are making the offer.  
  • Feel comfortable with and even enjoy sales conversations  


Week 5 Wednesday, December 11th at 9am PT / 12 pm ET  

3 Secret Keys to Prosperity for conscious coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders  

  • When you are in tune with and acting from your inner and truest self, you manifest physically your greatest desires like a better business, career, love life, friendships and health
  • The biggest mistake conscious, ambitious women entrepreneurs make in pursuing their wealth dreams and how you can avoid it  
  • The counterintuitive behaviors and strategies that create more ease and pleasure in your life AND create more money  


"With Kavita’s guidance and soul-wisdom, I have been able to show up more fully in my business. She is the perfect embodiment of truth speaking from her heart. Kavita is a living, breathing example of what courageous, soulful conversations look like. In her found courage, she gives us all permission to do the same.  

With Kavita’s guidance and soul-wisdom, I have been able to show up more fully in my business."

Jen Mavros | Women's Leadership Coach, Manifestation Expert and Creator of The Mavros Method of Manifestation

"Kavita is a true leader and way-shower for women who are ready to transcend cycles of disconnection and dissatisfaction, and step into their power. As we learn how to identify what we want, have the courageous conversations necessary, and step into our desires, we create a healthier and more prosperous world for all. Kavita is lighting the path."

Nisha Moodley | Women's Leadership Coach & Founder of Global Sisterhood Day

Years ago, I felt trapped inside myself and my life … until I learned how to speak up and share my unique gifts through my business, which is the #1 principle of Soul-driven Sales.  

My life looked like it was working out exactly the way it was supposed to – 6-figure job, amazing husband and kid, dream house etc. I had done what I was supposed to do to find happiness, but underneath I was unhappy and numbed the pain with food and wine.  

Everything turned around when I started following my deep calling and intuition … and speaking up about what was true for me:  

  • With my husband about what wasn’t working in our marriage andwanting to leave my 6-figure attorney work and start my own business 
  • About my mission and the difference I can make for other women 
  • And, with potential clients about how I could help them (Soul-infused Selling).  

When I started, I was terrified of selling. In fact, I almost didn’t start my own business because I didn’t want to market and sell.  

Everything changed when I learned how to sell without persuading and convincing, when I learned what questions to ask potential clients, and the biggest key was creating an offer that I couldn’t wait to make because I knew that my offer could create huge results for them.  

Now, I know how to confidently sell, and I’m on the trajectory to hit multiple 6-figures this year, fulfilling my dharma, my life purpose and mission.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about women making great money through living their dharma.  

You can do this too. I’d love to show you how. I created this training series forambitious women on a mission, just like you.  

Don’t miss this FREE 5 week online course where you’ll learn how to go from Soul-crushing work to Soul-driven Success by focusing on the things that really matter when it comes to YOU making a difference, sharing your gifts, and creating a profitable business you’re proud of!

When you enter your name and email address, you’ll receive free instant access to the Soul-driven Sales Training Series and notifications about the Challenge. 

You’ll be the first to hear about a unique opportunity to join me, Kavita Rani Arora, for Wealth Alchemy Yearlong SisterMind (“WAYS”) to give you all the support you need in making your Epic Dream Business a reality.  

Can’t wait to share some of my best “Soul-driven Sales” secrets with you!  

Kavita Rani Arora, Esq. is the Founder of the Epic Dream Academy, an Unconventional Business Strategist and Spiritual Catalyst who uses soul-driven strategy to support conscious women entrepreneurs and leaders who desire a spiritual path to prosperity & pleasure. If you want to go from From Soul Crushing Work to Soul-driven Success, talk to Kavita.  

During the past decade, she’s worked with thousands of people including leaders from UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, as well as high-powered lawyers and visionary entrepreneurs worldwide through her transformational programs, workshops and retreats. She’s spoken alongside luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Lynne Twist and Gabrielle Bernstein.  

Kavita earned her Bachelor’s degree from the Wharton School of Business and her J.D. from Santa Clara University. She’s a perpetual student, currently doing Kundalini teacher training and feminine form Ayurveda studies, who also has 11 different coaching and leadership certifications (and counting) and is a certified yoga teacher. Prior to starting her own business, she spent 15 years negotiating contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Fortune 500 companies like Avaya, AT&T, HP, and Sprint.  

Kavita resides in Southern California with her partner, Moneesh, and son, Vijay.  

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